• 1989 born in Munich in the star sign of Libra
• live and work in Ottobrunn near Munich
• member of the Kunstverein Ottobrunn

The beauty of art, the interest in culture and the love of travelling has accompanied me for many years of my life, which influences all aspects of my paintings. A detour and a special encounter in my life have had led me to art and also back to myself.

Inspired by nature, places of this world as well as my personal impressions of life, my paintings are created in the interplay of letting the colors flow and uniting coincidence.

My desire is to follow my intuition and create something unique and beautiful that bears my personal signature.

A phrase from Heraclitus always accompanies me: "Panta rhei - everything flows." It means that nothing stands still and everything evolves.

Deep structures

Abstract art offers me the space and freedom to create, integrate and discover new things. Each of my works tells its own story in the build-up of a long painting process. The deep blue of the Aegean and the azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea reflect my deep longing and love for the sea. For me, the colour blue symbolises infinite freedom and the discovery of depth within myself. Modern art is my deep ocean of tranquillity and silence. In my pictorial worlds, the conscious and the unconscious merge. The colours, brushstrokes, textures and depth of my works invite the viewer to dive into another world. Short moments in which we let go, lean back and pause.
Dive into my world of colors